“For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.”
                                                                                   – Simon Wiesenthal

This is a website and blog dedicated to our battle for justice, for the rights of all individual traders against white collar criminals.

Please, support our website and sign our petition on Ask UBS to Stop Obstructing our Litigation. The pressure this creates for UBS’ “legal” team helps keep them in check and makes it much harder for them to obstruct the course of our litigation. We hope eventually to bring this to a brighter end, to end our hardships, and to set a precedent for others who might find themselves scammed and defrauded.

It is one year since the violent, brutal and unlawful action was performed on us

And it is ten years since our story started in 2009, with Credit Suisse Bahamas fraud, where for six years we were made to believe that they are “working on a solution for us”.

Later, in 2012, we were induced into an agreement with UBS Bahamas by fraudulent misrepresentation. The cooperation turned out to be short, dramatic and with unbelievable breach of law and oppression on us.

You may read our Full story or the summary Our Story in a Nutshell

Almost a year after our illegal and violent eviction, when I started this website with this article First sharing, the beginning, we are surviving by a miracle, but are more determined to bring our hearings to an end; we are certain now that UBS and Credit Suisse have nothing to defend themselves with. We have found out now that UBS’ “brokers” were unregistered (Securities Commission Confirmed UBS was Unregistered (5 November 2018).

It was fraud, pure and simple, with many statutory breaches, and their defences are  a scam.